Why dress a house?

Selling a home involves selling a possibility. Home staging gives potential buyers an idea of how your home could work and enables them to envision the life of their dreams in your property. All furniture and furnishes and placed with great flow and cohesion of style in mind.   This can help people fall in love with the property and imagine themselves in your home.

What is involved?

Interior styling is at the heart of home staging but with an important twist. Home staging is about suiting a home to a broad range of lifestyles amongst potential buyers, rather than your own needs. Home staging professionals can arrange furniture, fabrics and colours in a way that maximises space and natural light. The ultimate goal is to remove owner’s personality in order to enable others to imagine living there. 

Is it worth the cost?

It’s really best to think of home staging as an investment on a larger return rather than an expense, as properties that have been staged sell more quickly and for higher prices.   There are numerous case studies to prove the theory of a higher price and quicker sale of a property if staged.  Several reputable agents have estimated they can get up to $20,000 more for a staged home. This is partially because staging can help minimise your home’s imperfections. 

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Can I just get a report or advice about how to use my current furniture and furnishings?

Yes, this service is $200 GST Incl. The report is compiled after a walk-through and includes suggestions to showcase your home’s best features and minimise its shortcomings, as well as an outline of potential costs. Should you decide you would like to continue from here, we can then develop an action plan that suits your budget. 

What is the range of your services?

To complement the initial report and action plan our packages can include rental of furniture on a monthly basis, which includes delivery, set-up and collection.  This involves recommendations for removing clutter and personal items if necessary, and providing furniture, cushions, paintings, rugs, lamps, bedding as required. Our base staging package includes furniture and accessories in the kitchen, lounge, master bedroom, and bathroom and can be built up to include a study, additional bedrooms and outdoor furniture to dress the patio. 

Does my house have to be empty?

No, your home can be partially styled alongside your own furniture belongings.  There are terms and conditions that apply to this services.  We may make recommendations to remove clutter or minimise imperfections. 

Are you able to store our furniture while your own is in my home?

Due to limited space, we are unable to hold your furniture, but can refer you to local storage warehouses that offer excellent rates. 

What if my house doesn’t sell? 

We offer one of the longest timeframe for staging in Canterbury at 8 weeks, therefore it is highly likely that you will achieve a sale within this time.   If you wish to extend beyond 8 weeks, we will charge you on a week by week basis.  If you wish let the furniture go and rely on the photographs and online listings we can arrange to pick this up from your property at the conclusion of the initial staging process. We take pride in working with all our clients in order to ensure a successful outcome that helps their bottom line. 

Why should I go with Signature Styling?

Our basic principles are reliability, affordability, and simplicity. If you want to show your home at its absolute best and ensure that it sells for its top price, call or write us today to get started. From a basic written report of recommendations to full home staging, you can feel confident knowing that we go out of our way to make the entire process easy for you. If you need more convincing, check out our testimonials from satisfied customers.