About Us

Signature Staging and Styling - optimising the potential in your property

Our team will bring our signature style to transforming properties for sale in Canterbury's real estate market.

After viewing your property we tailor staging assets which provide cohesive and relatable first impressions for a potential buyer with the objective of helping the property owner to maximise their price and achieve a quick sale.

We work with a range of property styles and types, offering relatable styling services that ignite the imagination of the audience.

We provide some assurance to the vendor by offering great staging timeframes at excellent and competitive rates.

Our Styled to Sell services helps you bring together furniture, soft furnishings and accessories to help you turn your home into a unique space that you can be truly proud of. We can work room by room and work within a wide range of budgets.

What We Do

Signature Styling & Staging can enhance your home's appeal