When it comes to selling in winter, the most common thing I hear Real Estate Professionals say at this time of the year is that they are low on listings but can’t understand why people are reluctant to list in winter.  Often higher prices are achieved and quicker sales.  Here are some of the reasons why you should LIST NOW!


There are far less properties on the market in winter than spring and summer yet the demand is often the same during winter.


It is likely your property will have more of a chance to shine with any marketing initiatives undertaken by the Real Estate Agency and coupled with serious buyers they will take more time to look through various sources of advertising.

Supply and demand
Tire Kicker


Those looking in winter and willing to go out in all conditions are serious contenders – not tyre kickers. They are serious about buying and typically not wasting the Agent’s time.  They are almost qualified leads.  Unlike Spring and Summer when people make a hobby out of “open home hopping”.  The motivation is lower for the hobbyist than it is for a serious buyer.


Buyers appreciate the opportunity to look at homes in winter.  Seeing a property when the garden is dominant, the lighting low and the heating sets realistic expectations.  It is vital therefore that your property is presented in its best possible light – you might ensure your insulation is up to scratch, heating is working well or you may invest in partial or full home staging services to ensure they interior styling is on point.


Twilight photos of your property can be stunning if done well and winter is a great time to achieve these.  Twilight viewings can be a great trick to overcoming a garden that is no presented in it’s greatest light during winter.  It is also a fantastic way to see the house during the evening when most families gather together as a whole.


Besides the new year period, the next most popular relocation time for ex-pats coming home (other than in COVID-19 conditions) and those relocating within New Zealand is between July and September.  Especially public servants.  End of the financial year in most international countries and also within Government Agencies.

Money Money Money


Higher pricing and quicker sales are almost always achieved during winter.  This is due to the supply and demand issues outlined previously.  There is often more demand than stock, therefore it can drive multiple offers and pricing up.


By ensuring the little things are done in your house i.e. good insulation, any areas of drafts repaired, heating in good working order and ensuring your window fittings are letting lots of light and sun in, your house will be winter ready and this will be attractive to potential buyers.  They can’t necessarily see and feel those things during Spring and Summer months.


During winter homes will feel more inviting cozy to the viewer.  There is nothing better than coming out from the cold to find a lovely warm home, well lit.  Buyers will imagine themselves getting home from work and interacting with whoever they are sharing the home with.    Agents are great at ensuring the house is feeling warm and cozy for any viewings and open homes.  


Layering interior styling is vital when selling in winter.  That might mean investing in partial staging to add luxury and depth to bedrooms, cushions, rugs, accessories and artwork to living areas, ensuring there is a good flow and helping you maximise your current furniture and accessories.  Do not under-estimate what a good home stager can offer to help you sell your property in winter.  The better presented your home is, the better price you will achieve with a quicker sale.  Your return on investment will be recognised time and time again.


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